Clear sky + Pure air + Fertile land + Plenty of water = safe investment

Be part in the pre-sale of Parcels with an estimate profitability of more than 50%


Private Residential Complex built in 4 stages. 20-has land with a lake an already existing central park of forest covering 4 hectares. The urbanization is integrated to the environment with 4 outlying roundabouts and a central one giving importance to the access. It is built in a high level Gated Community for permanent or temporary residency in the middle of the valley.

Composed of 72 parcels covering from 2000 to 2500 m2 each.


It is aimed at letting new investors become part of the project since its foundations, acquiring a property with a high value in natural resoucers to use it as a residence or being part of a tourist real state income getting monthly benefits as a reslt of its commercialization.


CEFER S.A is a company with an interdisciplinary profesional staff who has a distinguished career and experience in the development, desing, building, administration and commercialization or real state projects.


Valle de Uspallata is internationally recognized by the beauty of its mountains, its imposing landscapes and the historic places. Buried deep in the Cordon del Plata, at 1900 masl, this quiet and and safe place is ideal to live in, rest and practice recreational activities such as rafting, trekking, mountain bike, fishing and horseback riding, etc. It is placed few kilometers from winter resrts: Penitentes (Argentina) and Portillo (Chile), Puente de Inca, Reserva Natural Villavicencio, Dique de Potrerillos and Parque Nacional Aconcagua.

The location of the place is only 1500 feets of the international route to Chile, La fundicion, Uspallata, Las Heras, Mendoza, Argentina.